The following applications have been received.

  • P/2013 /0801 – Removal of Condition 3 imposed under planning permission code No P/2004/0361 which restricts occupancy of the Coach House to only members of the same family occupying the existing dwelling at Bridgeman House – Bridgeman House, High Street, Bangor-on-Dee. The planning sub-committee met on 5th Dec and offered the following comments. There are no problems regarding the question of access from the property at Bridgeman House to the High Street. The Community Council will highlight to Wrexham County Council that the property is within the conservation area and within a flood risk zone. 

  • P/2014 /0069 – Variation of condition No.1 imposed under planning permission P/2009/0085 to allow extension of time for use of horticulture to begin and the erection of 3 No. animal feed shelters and hay barn/feed store for private use – Land East of the Mount Station Road, Bangor-on-Dee. Bangor-On-Dee Community Council met to discuss this application on 17/02/2014. Objections have been submitted on the basis that whilst the application is presented as a matter concerning time limits the plans actually suggest alteration to the access/egress from the land which is in direct contravention of the conditions on which the original application was granted. The Community Council is also concerned with the extension of time in that no works have taken place to date and it was noted that trees planted to the rear of the existing properties at the top of Station Road have not been well maintained and left to over grow.
  • P/2014 /0084 – Remove 1 Oak Tree (Protected by TPO WCBC No.219, 2014) Tree East of Terraced Houses Station Road Bangor-on-Dee. Bangor-On-Dee Community Council object strongly to this application and have submitted the following observations, namely that it is in contravention to the conditions on which the original application, noted above, was granted - namely not to fell any trees. The oak is a well established, mature oak with a preservation order against it. Bangor-On-Dee Council would wish to highlight that there have been no reported road traffic accidents at this site which would indicate that the access in it's current position is sufficient, and there are alternatives that should be considered to improve visibility if required, such as the use of appropriately positioned mirrors.
  • P/2014 /0095 - Notification of hedgerow removal - part of hedgerow east of terraced houses Station Road, Bangor-On-Dee. Bangor-On-Dee Community Council strongly object to this application and have submitted the following comments - The hedgerow is a mature, well established hedge with a wealth of wildlife. There are mature, developed oak trees along the route of the hedgerow, one of which has a preservation order against it. The Community Council are of the view that removal of hedgerow is a direct breach of the conditions on which the initial application P/2014 /0069 above was granted. The Community Council would also wish to question why it is necessary to alter hedgerow in a field intended for pasture land for horses.  

The following application has been GRANTED.

  • P/2013 /0700 - Extension to the former porch, ground floor WC and store, 12 Friars Court, Bangor-On-Dee, Wrexham.