Wrexham Energy Centre - 1st February 2013

At the turn of the year the Community Council became aware for the first time that this application existed for the building of a gas-fired station with gas and electrical links to Cross Lanes and Legacy.

It was also clear that Bangor on Dee had been left out of an 8 week consultation that took place last summer even though we were, and are core Consultees as one proposed electrical corridor goes through this area.

Since then the Community Council has:

Made sure that our status as Core Consultees has been registered for all future consultations on this project; Registered our status as objectors with Wrexham Power, Wrexham County Borough Council and the Planning Inspectorate; Contacted Wrexham Power to ask why we were left out last year, and asking that they meet us to discuss the proposals in more details; Contacted other objectors to see whether there is common ground that all objectors can follow when dealing with this matter; Drawn up and registered an opening list of objections to the proposals, with particular reference at this stage to the electrical corridor; Obtained from Planning Inspectorate an outline of the likely timetable to be followed once the proposals are lodged in August or September.

The Community Council is making arrangements for a meeting to take place in the Village Hall.

20th March 2013
This matter is very much ongoing, with the Community Council actively progressing the matter.

5th March 2014
After a considerable period of inactivity and lack of response to requests by Bangor-On-Dee Community Council to meet with them and the local community to discuss the proposals a press release was issued today detailing revised plans. Please double click on link below to view the announcement. Bangor-On-Dee Community Council have responded to Wrexham Power welcoming the opportunity to consult with them on the new proposals. A date has yet to be issued by Wrexham Power but is anticipated in May 2014.

Press Release Feb 2014