Flood Wardens

Bangor on Dee Flood Wardens

Why do we need Flood Wardens?

 The village has been built on a Flood Plain, alongside the River Dee. The River Dee is well monitored and maintained by Natural Resources Wales (NRW). Through this monitoring of river levels, NRW can gauge how high the river is likely to rise and therefore the risk of flooding to land and possibly properties.


The Flood wardens support NRW in providing information to residents, including information arising during a Flood Alert, Flood Warning or Severe Flood Warning.  None of the warnings are given without reason - they take into account not just river levels but predicted weather patterns, the state of the terrain and local information. At Severe Flood Warning level a number of Emergency services are involved in the decision making and subsequent actions - which may actually mean evacuation. Please heed these warnings and the advice given.


A few years ago all residents were given a Flood Pack detailing what to do before and after a flood and a page for you to write out your own plan of action and list emergency numbers. If you do not have a Flood Pack, please contact the Senior Flood Warden.


To ensure all areas of  are covered,  the village is divided into 8 zones, with 2 wardens covering each zone. For details of your Flood Warden, please phone the Senior Flood Warden, Nick Holland on 07796 282250 or email Paul Wright - paulwrigtht@tutanota.co,



 What do the Alerts and warnings mean? 

    Flood Alert: Flooding is possible - be prepared and listen out for updates.

     Flood Warning: Flooding is expected -immediate action required. e.g. move valuables and perishables upstairs. Have your Flood Pack to hand for emergency numbers such as gas and electricity suppliers. Listen out for updates.

  Severe  Flood Warning: severe flooding - danger to life.


Please ensure you are registered to receive the Flood Alert and Warnings:


  •    Go to www.naturalresources.wales/flooding

  •   Telephone NRW on 0345 988 1188

  •   Speak to your local warden

















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