Places of Interest

Bangor-on-Dee holds many buildings of architectural interest as well as areas of outstanding beauty.

bangor bridge

The Old Bridge

Bangor Bridge dates back to around 1660 and is a five-arch bridge believed to have been built by Inigo Jones.

the old boathouse by river bangor

The Old Boathouse

The Boathouse was built by the Public Safety Committee following the loss of a resident who drowned in the river but without a boat and crew, the scheme was ultimately ended.

st dunawds church

St Dunawds Church

The Church is part of the Historic Churches of Wrexham Open Church Network and houses the Visitor Centre for Bangor-on-Dee.

bangor racecourse

Bangor Racecourse

The Bangor-on-Dee Racecourse stages 14 jump racing fixtures a year on the banks of the River Dee. Outside of racing, the venue is used for charity fun runs, meetings and weddings.

the war memorial by st dunawds church

War Memorial

The memorial was erected in remembrance of the 23 brave Bangor men who gave their lives during the Great War of 1914 - 1918.

bangor high street

Conservation Area

The heart of the village, which sits in the natural hollow alongside the River Dee, was designated a Conservation Area in 1971.


Sandbanks/Riverside Walk

Visitors will notice that the area of river bank known as the Sandbanks has been landscaped, with seating, picnic benches, walkway, trees, mosaics, coracle and information boards. This work has been carried out by Groundwork Wrexham & Flintshire, with funding from Northern Marches Cymru and the Community Council.

“Congratulations on the successful completion of the Riverside Walk project in the village, as a wonderful resource for everybody who lives or visits Bangor-on-Dee”. This and further good wishes were added in a letter to the Community Council from Susan Elan Jones, MP for the Clwyd South constituency. 


We hope you all enjoy this amenity area, and help maintain its attractive appearance by keeping the area clean and tidy. Thank you.