Village Lighting

Published: 02 February 2022

The Community Council, like everyone else is facing huge increases to our energy costs:
As from 1st March 2022 our unmetered tariff rate will increase from 12p per kWh to 47p per kWh ex VAT
This means that based on our current 11,573 kWh annual usage our bills we rise from £127 per month Inc VAT to £453 per month exc VAT.
This increase is significant and as a Council, we needed to decide what course of action to take. Obviously doing nothing and paying extortionate bills is not an option.  As we have already begun to replace our old lighting units with LED units we have decided that it would be prudent to accelerate this programme, not waiting for the old units to fail. As more Councils make the move to LED, it may be that these units are harder to come by, again confirming that a speedy response is needed.